Saturday 23 – Friday 29 October 2010

I had a free pass on Saturday night, well, not quite but as good as – our dear friends S and N invited us to attend a Greek dinner dance to raise funds for the grandson of S’s mother’s friend (still with me?). All of which meant that we feasted on pickled octopus, taramasalata, tzatziki, Greek salad, fried calamari, roast lamb (or, strangely, chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce?)  and unknown sweets (I’m imagining baklava, but at 10:30pm, when the sweets had yet to appear, we decided to pull the plug as our collective three-year-olds were losing the plot (which meant  that we were too). The added bonus was that none of it was cooked by me (hurrah!). Thankfully, the super-sized bread rolls that greeted us upon arrival were huge enough to keep said three-year-olds occuped for the better part of forty-five minutes, or we may have had to have left before the roast lamb made its appearance.

Sunday – Luckily, Sunday was a drizzly, cold, stay-at-home-and-bake kind of day so we could recover from the late night (for us) with the help of ABC2, without feeling like we were ‘missing out’ on a great day. It was also perfect comfort food weather, which, for me, meant a comfort food, Chinese-style, banquet of crisp skin soy sauce chicken (my mother’s recipe and mighty fine), crisp stir-fried asparagus and snow peas, gingery daikon soup (okay, I may have lost some of you with that one, but it really is the only thing I want when my throat is scratchy, preferably cooked by my mum), all with loads of steamed rice. Followed by a just-warm sour cherry, almond and lemon cake that I had been wanting to make forever and had the jar of morello cherries collecting dust in my cupboard to prove it. I must have been on a roll as I also managed to make an olive oil fruit tea bread, oh, and of course, chicken stock from the carcass.

So that was Sunday.

Monday – I picked up a beautiful piece of organic rump beef for roasting at an absolute steal, so it is currently in the oven, first having been rubbed with thyme and wholegrain mustard, with some dutch cream potatoes and baby carrots alongside. Will saute the rest of the asparagus and some broccoli with garlic and pop in a muffin tin full of yorkies to go with. Guess I’m still in the mood for comfort food.

Tuesday – Chinese spag bol ie Shanghai noodles with beef in brown bean sauce. Will have stir-fried bok choy and snow peas to take the total vegie count up to five.

Wednesday – barbecued (if it’s not raining) lamb with sumac, allspice and paprika, with hummus and a cos, spring onion, roma tomato and cucumber salad.

Thursday – I’m off to play with my lovely colleagues at the Australian Food Media Awards. My foodlover’s guide to pregnancy, Eating for Two, has been nominated for an award so fingers crossed people! I’ll still have time to whip up a quick pasta featuring mascarpone before I put on my glad rags on and jump in a cab.

Friday – my son’s childcare centre is having a felafel night fundraiser, and the very lovely cook Aida makes the best felafels (up there with Hijazi and Jasmin 1), so there’s no excuse not to order up big. Aida slips slices of smoky eggplant into the mix and how I thank her for it.

Until next week’s dinner…

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