Next week’s dinner 18 – 24 September 2010

A few days late, but what a busy few days it has been. Saturday night we hosted my umpteen cousins for our regular potluck dinner, this time with a Moroccan twist (minus a few of the usual suspects as the younger ones are now old enough to have social lives). For my contribution, I made a lamb kefta tagine in a spiced tomato and coriander sauce with poached eggs, tomato burgul pilaf and Claudia Roden’s recipe for roasted vine-ripened tomatoes stuffed with tuna, preserved lemon, Sicilian olives, roasted capsicum and capers. My cousin B brought her fantatsic ‘curry’ puffs with Mid-Eastern flavours and marinated chicken, my cousin L made a refreshing orange, radish, olive and sumac salad, plus we had two dozen of Hijazi’s fantastic felafels with tahini sauce, garlic dip (toum) and Lebanese bread. l also brought a fantastic homemade Greek filo custard slice, served with a more-ish strawberry and pomegranate salad and rosewater Persian fairy floss. The leftovers of the pastry have been enjoyed toasted in the panini press with coffee for breakfast ever since. With all that cooking and the beautiful ballerina party that I took my daughter to on Sunday (plus making banana cupcakes for a school fundraiser on Monday), there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for shopping/planning this week (bring on the school holidays!). Consequently, the menu for this week (which we are almost halfway through, admittedly), was/is:

Saturday (try something new) – the kefta tagine and burgul pilaf are time-tested favourites (no time for a completely new menu when hosting dinner for 16), but the stuffed tomatoes were new (for me, at any rate) and I must say, delicious.

Sunday (cook once, eat twice) – Leftover tuna filling that didn’t make it into the tomatoes made into filo triangles, with pumpkin and feta filling for the rest of the filo packet. I knew that there would be plenty of leftovers (no felafel, though, as my son singlehandedly ate about a dozen on Saturday), so it was actually take two of Saturday’s dinner.

Monday (Sunday take two) – well, this was in fact Saturday take three as we had oregano and lemon marinated lamb fillets with the last of the hummus, tahini sauce and garlic dip, Lebanese bread and burgul pilaf, rounded off with a quick salad.

Tuesday (stir-fry/rice/noodles – Thai-style chicken and vegetable fried rice. Once again, Cityrail was running late despite the service update’ section of the website claiming ‘good service’ on my line, so it was marinated chicken breast fillets tossed through steamed rice with broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, spring onions and snow peas, and a splash of mushroom oyster sauce, shoyu and fish sauce.

Wednesday (protein-plus) – Steaks with mushroomy ‘Stroganof-style’ sauce, garlicky mash, steamed greens.

Thursday (veg/egg/pulses) – Zucchini quiche, salad and bread.

Friday (pasta) – Penne with Italian sausage ragu (I think).

Until next week’s dinner…

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