11 – 17 September 2010

Another busy weekend – so busy in fact that I actually went out last night for a fun night with the school mums. First off, our friends, A and M, and their two active little boys, came over for a bbq lunch (homemade Greek-style burgers, roasted kipfler ‘fries’ and a big cos salad with anchovy mayo),  then our friend K and her little one joined us for dinner, and a night of AFL watching (bad luck Swans!) while I was out on the tiles (well, really, at a Learning Ladder party). Then today we spent the morning planting with a local eco group. The upshot is that there was not much time for shopping (or planning…). As a result, our menu for the week looks something likes this:

Saturday (something’ new’) – Pumpkin, provolone and sage pasta bake. After an insanely busy week that included a mufti-day, speech and dress rehearsal (not to mention, work), my take on something new was a re-fashioned oldie but goodie and toddler crowd-pleaser, mac and cheese. What made it ‘new’ was that I folded some pumpkin puree, grated pecorino  and mozzarella into the bechamel along with the regular cheese, then topped it with provolone and a little sage. And I now have a couple of containers for work lunches in the fridge.

Sunday (cook once, eat twice) – Marcella Hazan’s roast chook with lemon, served with roasted lemony dutch creams, pumpkin, sweet potato  and broccoli. If you think you’ve heard of this before, you are right. I have a confession to make. Being Fathers’  Day, as it was last Sunday, and only arriving home at 5 pm after a very long and enjoyable lunch at N & S’s, last Sunday’s anticipated roast chicken just didn’t happen (quelle horreur!). Instead, we had had such a huge feast that it was pumpkin and red lentil soup that appeared on the table instead.

Monday (Sunday, take two) – Chicken and leek pot pies. Have some leftover sour cream in the fridge so I’ll make Maggie Beer’s sour-cream pastry , then use it to top bite-sized pieces of chook braised with leek, garlic, mushrooms and some of the reduced chicken stock that is simmering away on the stove right now.

Tuesday (stir-fry/rice/noodles) – Vietnamese-style stir-fried beef with garlic, fish sauce and asparagus. Steamed rice and bok choy tossed with oyster sauce alongside.

Wednesday (protein plus) – Leftover lamb tagine with mograbieh (Israeli couscous). Need to get to my daughter’s joint  school performance by 6:30pm and my wonderful cousins are babysitting her brother, so something from the freezer is the order of the day.

Thursday (veg/pulse/eggs) – Some kind of tortilla/frittata. Probably classic Spanish  potato tortilla as I still have some Rodriguez Brothers chorizo in the fridge and am always looking for an excuse to eat it.

Friday (pasta) – Penne with provolone, pancetta and asparagus.

Until next week’s dinner…

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